Relax. Enjoy. Repeat.

Welcome to It Just Makes Sense, a home of inspirational resources for vibrant well-being.  

This growing group of products is designed to enhance your efforts to achieve health and harmony on all levels.

Much like how looking at the ocean can clear your mind and calm your heart, these products were designed to create an experience of clarity, peace, and joy.

Whether you’re near the sea or far from it, these tools will help empower you to heal, relax, and connect with the magic in your life.

About Kym Coco


I'm an ocean-loving yogi who seeks to infuse as much joy, balance, and ease into my daily life as possible.Of my many passions, the top on my list are writing, practicing yoga, and traveling. These inclinations have led to the development and production of what you see here.

Yoga, which transformed my mind and body over the past decade, is a daily part of my routine. I love standing on my hands just as much as my feet, and enjoy the playful aspect the practice brings to my overall perspective.

This passion for connection with my best self, through movement and meditation, opened the door for Inspire Me Creations to emerge.These incredible products are infused with subtle energy to promote mental, physical, and emotional well-being. They have allowed me to experience more calm and clarity in my life, especially with the busy travel schedule I have year-round.

On the writing front, I teamed up with my husband, Stephen Thompson, to create the It Just Makes Sense book series and other incredible resources to reduce stress. We both believe that common sense is essential to experiencing stability in life, and in reaching your goals. This pursuit has also ventured into online workshops and audio interviews with some great teachers and healers around the country today.In fact, the Align with Abundance idea came out of the Awaken your Potential Summit. I had interviewed Bobbie G on connecting with our spiritual guides. This led to the 10-disc audio set available now, and the writing of The Little BOOK for BIG ABUNDANCE. It is my personal goal to continue learning and expanding, and I aspire to share my inspirations and insights with you along each step of the way.