About Stephen Thompson

I have been a teacher for over 30 years in the areas of philosophy, psychology, sociology, and plain common-sense living. After a motorcycle accident in the early 1990’s, it took 28 reconstructive surgeries and six years for my body to fully heal. During my recovery process, I was introduced to alternative healing modalities, many of which saved my life.

My recovery through such powerful mind-body techniques prompted several years of study with psychological kinesiology and intuitive training. It also led me to open the Personal Search and Growth Center in 1995. After working with private clients for years out of my hometown of Chico, California, I now have expanded my audience by teaching motivational and self-improvement workshops online.

Much about the near-death experiences faced during my motorcycle accident can be found in the book, The Thought that Changed my Life Forever. Or, a brief version of my miraculous healing can be read below:

My Story

My life today is a result of a miraculous healing that took place after a severe motorcycle accident in 1990. I often tell this story at my workshops, and as many have said, it made a positive impact on their own lives. So, I would like to share a brief version of it here with you now.

I will proceed with my best effort to share this story in written word. The passion and emotion I feel in re-telling it reflects my heartfelt desire for others to take control of their own lives, and do what they must to be in harmony with their destiny. By sharing this, it is my hope to help you avoid the devastating energy of victimization.

Back in 1990, I was living what I thought was a normal, yet often chaotic, life. I was happily married with one eleven-year-old still at home. Together, my wife and I ran an interior design business. We oversaw 22 employees, including installers, managers, designers, bookkeepers, and support personnel. With all of this responsibility, I was easily working 80 hours per week. In addition, I was a scout master, rotary club member, church go-er, and community servant.

All of this was about to change, and my life was to never be the same again.

On a hot Friday afternoon in late June, I embarked on a long-awaited, guy-to-prove-he-is-still-a-man trip of a lifetime. The highlight of the adventure was white water kayaking down the Salmon River.

Previously that year, I had purchased a beautiful machine of splendorous proportion–a powerful, and very accessorized, motorcycle. My plan was to take a solo ride across the country and meet up with my boy scout troop in Idaho.

Approximately two hours into my journey, I encountered a rock slide on a mountain highway. My motorcycle slid out of control. Within milliseconds, I impacted a guard rail and was propelled down a 50-foot embankment.

The results were devastating. I broke bones in over 110 places, almost tore my right leg completely off, and had a stick go under my rib cage and puncture my stomach.

I lay there bleeding on the side of the mountain, both internally and externally, and I thought I was going to die. After what seemed like an eternity–but in reality was about two hours–I was finally noticed. Fireman came down the mountain, and began to work on my body (which had a pulse of eight beats per minute at that time).

As the men gathered around me, I metaphysically left my body and watched their work from a distance. In this space, I had a choice to live or transcend. I decided to come back into my body for two specific reasons. Despite the horrific conditions my body was facing in the moment, I knew I had a reason to live.

The details of the rescue itself are miraculous, but that’s only part of the story. The road back to health was where much of my true growth and spiritual learning took place.

I spent the next nine months in the hospital, followed by two (plus) years in a hospital bed in the living room of our home. I went through 28 reconstructive surgeries, fought off jaundice from blood transfusions, and conquered several staph infections.

Many times before going into surgery, I was told that losing my right leg–somewhere between the knee and the hip–was a real possibility. The prognosis that I was to be permanently handicapped, and possibly wheelchair-bound for the rest of my life, was real.

My whole world was turned upside-down. Without the ability to run my business, we had to close down our interior design company. Even my parents had to step in to provide financial assistance. My wife could not even work because taking care of me became a full-time occupation.

I was doing everything the doctor ordered to get well. I even used willpower to try and keep my thoughts positive. But I was emotionally losing the battle, and my determination could no longer support me.

Through a series of synchronistic events, I was introduced to quantum physics as a way to help manage my pain. Specifically, I was taught how to use kinetic energy to lessen the migraines that often left me debilitated. As I practiced these techniques, the headeaches went away completely.

That same person who helped me to heal my head pain also showed me other ways to improve my condition. These tools literally changed my life. I was able to uncover sabotaging beliefs that subconsciously inhibited my recovery. For example, I realized that I was afraid to start over. I had lost everything, and the thought of putting a large-scale business back in place seemed overwhelming.

By identifying just this one internal block, and moving away from it’s limitations, I let go of this fear. I became excited again at the possibility of creating another abundant life for myself and my family. I was also able to restore my confidence. From this point forward, I was able to be proactive in my body’s physical healing–and re-creating my life–without relying on others to fix me.

My whole experience taught me that miracles are possible to those who believe in them. By that I mean, when you line up your beliefs with your God-Self, then results better than your wildest imagination can come true.

Everything I learned along my journey back to health led to what I teach today. It is such a pleasure to show others how they, too, can manage their pain, alleviate it entirely, and change the entire spectrum of their emotional body to create the potential for full emotional or physical healing.

Thanks to the motorcycle accident so many years ago, my entire life and worldview has shifted. Based on the ongoing use of the techniques I learned through my healing back in the early nineties, I am able to confidently say I am basically handicap free. I work many mornings out in the yard. I take long walks with my dog. And, I enjoy traveling the country with my current wife.

And, above all, I have found that personal balance and an ongoing connection with my spiritual self allows me to move forward in a way that will best serve my purpose here on Earth.