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Are you ready to enhance the power, confidence, and purpose in your life?

While we encourage you to connect with us in person or on social media, we also want to provide you with numerous tools to live with more joy and fulfillment in life. Here are a few items that tell more about us, and give you ways to support yourself on a daily basis for ongoing success. Click here to watch Kym and Stephen introduce this toolkit personally.

Recipe cards for conflict resolution

Conflicts are naturally part of relationships. In fact, if we all agreed on everything, life would be pretty boring. Yet problems arise when one person to harbor their true feelings or doesn't know how to bring a conflict to a harmonious resolution. That's where the Recipe Cards come in! They provide a step-by-step approach to bring harmony back to a relationship... and they do so through clear communication and validation of each person involved. 

Positive Statements to Remove Fear

Positive statements can be a powerful tool to remind us of our courage, strength, and inner wisdom. In fact, it's when we forget this empowerment that fear can take over our lives. Use any one of these incredible belief statements to get rid of fear today. 

Click here to get your Positive Beliefs to remove fear. Watch Kym introduce these statements in this short video.

Interviews with Kym and Stephen

Kym Coco and Stephen Thompson form a unique blend of youthful enthusiasm and seasoned wisdom. Discover the WHY behind the writing of their first book, It Just Makes Sense: 7 Principles for a Joyful and Stress-Free Life, and find out what makes them tick as individuals. Check out Kym's perspective here, and Stephen's by clicking here

Reading Guides for Groups/Book Clubs

It Just Makes Sense: 7 Principles for a Joyful and Stress-Free Life is full of quizzes and topics for discussion. This reading guide provides questions chapter by chapter, and can facilitate personal growth in a group-learning environment. Click here to download the reading guide, and click here to order your copy of the book now!


Life is constantly changing, and the ability for you to meet those daily demands does too. In this eBook, you'll discover some of the most powerful ways to gain energy to live your life vibrantly! Get your copy here!