Vital Force Technology infuses our Inspire Me Creations products with specific subtle energy formulas to create positive, desired effects on the body. And, it can be done over and over again with absolute precision!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Vital Force Technology?

A. Vital Force Technology™ (VFT) is the intellectual property and invention of pioneer and thought-leader in the field of quantum physics, Dr. Yury Kronn. VFT™ equipment harnesses subtle energy in a manner similar to electromagnetic energy, and has the ability to:

  • generate the energetic blueprint of any element on the periodic table
  • reproduce the energetic blueprint of any substance with great precision
  • create complex energetic formulas that follow the rules of Chinese medicine

Today the VFT™ library holds more than 4,000 energy patterns that have been scientifically tested to produce stable and repeatable results. Read this recent scientific study which shows the significant effects of Stress Relief, one of the energy patterns in our eye pillows.


Q: How are subtle energy patterns generated?

A: The core of the technology is a plasma-based generator. The generator is controlled by computers which use electromagnetic vibrations in the plasma to create different configurations of plasma at different frequencies or vibrations.

Through years of experimentation Dr. Kronn learned how to create specific energetic patterns using these properties of plasma. When the generation happens in the plasma, subtle energy is emitted along with electromagnetic energy because plasma is a combination of electrically charged particles and generates electromagnetic waves.

Next, the electromagnetic waves are separated from the subtle energy. When this is done only subtle energy is emitted and it is recorded into a special device. Each record represents a different energetic pattern.  These energetic patterns can be reproduced and amplified. The energy patterns can then be directed through special infusers that radiate this energy into carrier substances of many different types, including liquids, solids and powders.

There are many substances you can use for this purpose. We found that all organic and inorganic substances including crystals are capable of keeping and carrying this energy for a long time. Concentrated trace minerals and crystals are especially good for this purpose. They will hold the energy for years.

Q: Does generating subtle energies and infusing them into carrier substances have to happen simultaneously?

A: Not necessarily. Energetic patterns can be produced then recorded and kept indefinitely to be reproduced as needed. All the energy patterns that have been produced over the years are permanently recorded in the storage system. VFT has more than a thousand of them and they can be reproduced when needed with 100% accuracy.

Q: Is storing energetic patterns like storing files in a computer?

A: It is a kind of file, but it’s not like a regular computer file. The reproduction of these files is a very sophisticated process. It’s like a hologram of a pattern which is amplified and delivered to the infuser and the infuser delivers it to the substance. By the time it goes through the infusers it is a very powerful energy.

Q. How are specific energy patterns created?

A: With this technology it is possible to produce energetic patterns in many different ways, for instance, with the energy patterns of any of the Periodic Table elements Dr Kronn found experimentally was that if he put on the VFT generator the sub-harmonics of the electronic transitions of any elements of the periodic table, he could reproduce the energy which has the property of this element.

Our technology also makes it possible to “map” the energy pattern of any substance, such as herbs, gemstones, essential oils or rare minerals. It is possible to create combinations of energetic formulas for specific applications. The plasma generator is the source of energy but the principals of combining energies to create a formula are not very much different than the principles the Chinese developed and used for combining herbal remedies.

Where electromagnetic energy has only two parameters, frequency and intensity, subtle energy has an array of qualities best explained by Traditional Chinese Medicine’s Five Element Theory, which uses the analogy of the interaction of water, wood, fire, earth and metal to describe the way subtle energy behaves. This system provides a relatively simple framework for understanding and making practical use of the complex inter-relationships of different qualities of subtle energy. This analogy works very well to describe the properties of subtle energies and how different patterns of subtle energy interact.

Through years of experimentation Dr. Kronn found different configurations of plasma which exactly produced the properties of the Five Elements. There are some ranges of frequencies which are important to know to produce the pure energy of the elements. He then learned how to combine those properties not only in terms of frequencies of vibrations but also in terms of the elemental properties.

Dr. Kronn has also developed other methods for creating combinations of energies, but the description above gives a general indication of the range and complexity of energy patterns Vital Force Technology is able to generate.

Subtle Energy and the Human Body

Q: How does subtle energy affect the human body?

A: Computers provide a useful analogy for describing how subtle energy works in the human body. In this analogy, the body is the hardware and subtle energy works like the software. Using computers it is possible to make many complex calculations by manipulating the electrical impulses which are provided by the software. The human body works in a similar way but the informational software that governs the human body is the non-electromagnetic energy we call “subtle energy”.

Subtle energy influences the body’s energetic system and as a consequence the functioning of the physical body. The energetic system works as a receiver, decoder and distributor of subtle energy for all of the body’s processes from the cellular to the systemic level, such as the autonomic nervous system and the brain. Depending on the information conveyed by the subtle energy, the receptor cells are stimulated in different ways such as to reduce stress or stimulate communication between the brain and the muscles.

Of course, the human body is a much more sophisticated mechanism than a computer. We are not exactly as rigid and fixed as the hardware of a computer; all our systems are adjustable and changeable. That’s why the better our physical systems are functioning, the faster subtle energy will influence it. On the other hand the biochemical processes of the human system also produce some subtle energy which is part of the equation. It’s like a biofeedback situation: whatever you use, whatever you eat, affects your energy program and your energy program affects how you absorb food and nutrients, for instance.

The different systems influence each other; the hardware is influencing the software and the software is influencing the structure of the hardware. The better nourished a body is, the more easily subtle energy produces desirable effects and conversely, the better a subtle energy program is in your body (the flow of subtle energy through your meridians and in your energy centers) the better you can use and absorb nutrition.

Q. Is it possible to measure the effect of subtle energy patterns produced by VFT on humans? 

A. Yes. It can be registered with a lot of different equipment, like brain mapping equipment, biofeedback machines, galvanic skin response, acupuncture meridian measuring devices, heart rate variability measuring devices and more.


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