How to use our Eye Pillows


Each of our eye pillows are infused with a subtle energy that has been clinically proven to induce the relaxation response in the body. What does this mean? Not only can you more openly enjoy feelings of relief, peace or joy, but the negative side effects of stress actually get reversed. This includes such positive benefits as:

  • lowering heart rate, breathing rate, and blood pressure
  • increasing blood flow to organs and muscles
  • decreasing muscle tension
  • boosting the immune system
  • enhancing energy levels, 
  • and much more!

Here are the top ways you can utilize your eye pillow for mental, physical, and emotional well-being:

Place over the eyes

Resting an eye pillow over the eyes incorporates many positive benefits. There is an acupressure point--where you feel bone at the inner edge of the eyebrow--that relieves stiffness in the neck and shoulders. This point can also alleviate headaches. Eye pillows also cover the third eye point, at the center of the forehead, which relaxes eye strain and nasal congestion. Inhaling a subtle scent, such as lavender, in each pillow can add to the sense of relaxation as well. The energy formula infused in each pillow induces, and amplifies, the relaxation response in the body to help you go to sleep, aid in the recovery process, and allow the body to truly rest. 

Rest the pillow over a tense body area

There are many times in our lives where our body experiences more tension than just in our fatigued eyes. Because our eye pillows are energy infused, radiating a signal that all parts of the body can respond to, it is helpful to place the flaxseed-filled pillow over any tense body part. For example, if you feel stress or anxiety in the heart--physically or emotionally--you can rest the pillow directly at the center of your chest. Or, if you are on ladies' holiday and experiencing cramps, then the pillow can be set on the abdomen. The goal of this pillow is to allow the body to rest, heal, and return to a place of balance. And this can happen at any part of the body.

Set it on your lap at work

Want to think clearly and be able to calmly handle incoming emails at work? Want to be able to focus during a staff meeting, or stay poised in the face of mounting deadlines? Instead of placing the pillow over the eyes to help you mentally check out, use it on your lap as a way to stay centered and present. We know that when the body is in a parasympathetic state, communication at the pre-frontal cortex is open. This creates the capacity to think and act deliberately. It also improves concentration. The added bonus of bringing this to work is that you can place the pillow over your eyes when they need a break from looking at a computer screen, or it can be set on the heart to soothe an upsetting conversation with a co-worker.

Help your young ones catch some zzz's

Young children are especially sensitive to energy. They naturally gravitate toward kind loving people, and tend to shy away from those who are not. By using the eye pillow as a snuggle buddy for your young one, the energy-infusion formula taps directly into your child's own natural parasympathetic response. This helps them calm down when crying, get back to sleep after a bad dream, or start to heal when their bodies don't feel well.