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Welcome to It Just Makes Sense, a home of inspirational resources for vibrant well-being.  

This growing group of products is designed to enhance your efforts to achieve health and harmony on all levels.

Much like how looking at the ocean can clear your mind and calm your heart, these products were designed to create an experience of clarity, peace, and joy.

Whether you’re near the sea or far from it, these tools will help empower you to heal, relax, and connect with the magic in your life.

It Just Makes Sense


It Just Makes Sense was started by Kym Coco and Stephen Thompson--a dynamic husband and wife team committed to personal growth, inspired living, and common-sense principles. 

Both Kym and Stephen know that life today is often portrayed by a "bigger, better, and faster motto." While the constant access to people and information can create endless opportunities, it is can also be accompanied by an increase-or overload-of stress. And when we’re stressed, we lose sight of common sense solutions.

The It Just Makes Sense books, classes, and audio files will show you how to create clarity and harmony in all aspects of your life. They can help you gain confidence in your decision-making. They can support your relationships with clear communication. And they can maximize your energy in your daily routine.

Learn how the power of common sense can support your goals and allow you to create a joyful, meaningful life. Check out the variety of products below, or click here to receive a FREE Common Sense Toolkit. 

It Just Makes Sense Products

Books and eBooks

Our variety of books and ebooks are experiential and enlightening! The It Just Makes Sense series is designed to offer common sense solutions for everyday problems. You’ll learn more about yourself, including blocks that could be hindering your success as well as tools to capitalize on your strengths.




Audio Files

Ready for some powerful meditations that can enhance your sense of personal balance? What about some incredible interviews that can add clarity to your future, harmony to your relationships, and passion to your career? These audio files can be replayed on your computer, in your car, or on your mobile device for access anytime, any place!

Online Courses

With the power of evolving technology and the internet, we are able to bring some amazing workshops right to your home. Whether you are looking to reduce stress, connect with your spirituality, or learn about addiction, there is an online course here for you!

Addiction comes in many forms. This 2 1/2 hour DVD is broken up into sections to describe the various components of addiction. Plus, you'll discover an incredible 5-step process to prevent any relapse in the future.