Awaken your Potential Summit

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Awaken your Potential Summit


Imagine yourself sitting down with 21 of the most interesting and incredible people in the health, wellness, and metaphysical world and learning from their wisdom. Now you can do just that from the comfort of your own home!

In this Awaken your Potential Summit, you can discover:

  • Why love heals
  • how to connect with your inner genius
  • how to blend spirituality in your business for maximum results
  • a medical intuitive's secrets
  • how to use yoga for athletes 
  • and much more!

With this course now offered online, you can go at your own pace and allow this inspirational material to create vibrant well-being in your own life!

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The Awaken your Potential Summit is an exciting place to learn about the world and about yourself. Thanks to the insightful material brought to us by specialists in their field, you, too, can take charge of your own life and awaken your full potential. 

Handouts follow each interview, and answers are provided at the end in case you missed anything. Samples from each of these experts are available on our YouTube Channel. When you're ready to dive in, expand your knowledge in the following areas with this home course:

Boost your Health with Energy Medicine
Enhance your understanding of physical wellness and discover new ways to thrive in your body!

  • Miracles as a way of Life, with Joni Consroe 
  • Why Love Heals, with Dr. Dean Shrock
  • How to Create an Alternative path to Health, with Dr. Steven Davis
  • Healing through the Hands of a Trauma Specialist, with Dr. Ken Mapes
  • How Healthy is your Heart? with Howard Martin

Metaphysical Perspectives
Boost your understanding of the supernatural and discover new ways to raise your vibration!

  • A Medical Intuitive's Secrets Revealed, with Jerry Wills
  • Find your Inner Genius, with Eric Majeski
  • Learn to see in the 4th and 5th Dimensions, with Jim Self
  • Channeling your Way, with Bobbie G. and the Greggory Continuum
  • How to Blend Spirituality and your Business for Maximum Results, with Jacke Schroeder

Yoga: A Lifeline to Vibrant Living
Expand your understanding of the ancient practice of yoga and discover powerful ways to start a practice or enhance an existing one! 

  • Yoga: Training to move from your Center, with Kathryn Budig 
  • Yoga for Athletes, with Tiffany Cruikshank
  • 10 Things you didn't know about Sound Healing, with Richard Rudis 
  • Yoga: A Path to Open your Heart, with Lynn Burgess 
  • iRest: What it is and How it works, with Kelly Boys 

Unlock Ancient Wisdom 
Boost your understanding of ancient practices to boost vitality and discover powerful ways connect with your spiritual essence!

  • Dangerous Dreaming, with Patti Allen 
  • Debunk the Myths of Astrology, with Tara Luther 
  • The Power of Stillness, with Tamara Patterson 
  • Tap your way into Personal Balance, with Jessica Ortner 
  • Writing is not just for Authors, with Kristen Moeller