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Connect Me Peace Mat

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photo (9).JPG

Connect Me Peace Mat

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The Inspire Me Yoga mat is bordered with the word “Peace” in 24 languages around the world, This mat is also:

  • light-weight,
  • ¼ inch thick for luxurious comfort
  • extra sticky for super grip, and
  • non-toxic
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Our “Connect Me” Yoga Mat is designed to enhance the freedom, harmony, and happiness within each of us as individuals and as a collective humanity. Set in the global healing color of teal, this mat repeats the word “PEACE” in twenty-four languages from around the world.

This extra thick mat is also one of the most comfortable on the market. It is over 6 mm in thickness, and provides incredible length–74 inches–for those who want more room to roam. After a good wash, or continued use on the mat, the surface becomes extra sticky for a super grip. This is helpful whether you are on your feet, your head, or your hands (or any combination therein).

Mat Dimensions: 78 inches long x 24 inches wide x ¼ inch thick