The Art of Relapse Prevention


The Art of Relapse Prevention

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This educational video explains the nature of addiction, the four main components of addiction, and a unique 5-step process to prevent relapse.  

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This 2½ hour lecture in DVD format is designed to introduce the Nature of Addiction and the Art of Relapse Prevention Program created by Stephen Thompson and Grier Cundill. In the various modules, you will learn about addiction as defined by the current environment, explore where there are gaps in addiction treatment today, and discover how to re-write the neural networks of the brain to prevent relapse.

This DVD is divided into the following components:

  • The Medical Model of Addiction
  • The Emotional Model of Behavior
  • The Ecological Model of the addict’s environment
  • The Spiritual Model of the addict’s value system
  • The 5 Steps involved in the Art of Relapse Prevention Program

Those looking to recover from addiction, families who want to understand loved ones with addictions, and treatment centers who want to get this information out in bulk can all benefit from this cutting-edge material.